Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, otherwise known as COBRA is a 1985 Act requiring employers with 20 or more employees to offer continuation coverage of group health plans to employees and their dependents who may be losing coverage due to certain life changing events. Excluded from this plan are Federal Government and Church plans.


American Benefit Services provides the following COBRA Administration services:

  • A one-time mailing of Initial Notifications to all current active participants, if this has not been done.*
  • Initial Notifications sent to all new employees as they become covered under the group health plan.
  • Notification to Qualified Beneficiary (s) of eligibility and COBRA rights, once a qualifying event has taken place.
  • Collection of monthly premiums.
  • Correspondence as necessary to participants regarding changes, termination of COBRA, etc.
  • Notification to insurance carriers of elections and terminations as needed.
  • Monthly remit of premiums and reporting of all activity to the Employer.